About Deann Duteil


Beginning with creating at my mother's summer craft classes, in high school and dance classes starting at age 3 (yes, my idea) followed by a twenty year professional dance career, I've always tended towards the creative. 

In 2011 my father died, a relationship ended, and menopause took off like a rodeo bull out of the starting shoot, all within five months. A lot was ending and beginning at the same time and I found so much of who I'd thought I was, dying as something unknown began to show itself. The pieces from this period are an organic expression of this journey.

I've found that they used me to become manifest, and in so doing, taught me a new way of moving in life--one that listens and lets life speak through me. Some pieces, therefore, took many months to complete and others arrived in an evening. It has been a joy and a gift to be used in this way.