About Ido Yoshimoto

Ido mostly uses salvaged materials like wood, bone, metal— things that have been made unique with time. To him the story is important. He is fascinated with things that happen slowly and naturally that cannot be recreated, like rot, rust, weathering, as well as growth. Like the back of a maul that has over the course of a hundred years struck a wedge thousands of times until the steel has mushroomed, or a bone that has been sculpted by rodents chewing on it for its calcium, or the trunk of a tree that has bent and twisted to brace itself against the northwesterlies. In his objects, one sees life, growth, struggle, death, the intertwining of stories. He likes to have a part in every step, from felling and milling a tree to mixing bees wax, turpentine, oils and pigments for stains and finishes. He is even trying to keep the bees but hasn’t caught a queen yet.